We are a 100% Costa Rican family microenterprise, with experience; working in the Tourism area since November 20th, 2009 integrating innovation and dynamics in our services.

We offer a Distinguished and Personalized service to our clients through our comprehensive and honest staff that cares about vacation experiences for families, couples, groups, and fift's.

The friendly and attentive SinwaTours Dreams travel team, helps you to create and organize your vacation in Costa Rica any time during the planning of your trip, you can ask questions and be informed in detail.

Our services are also personalized with social, environmental and cultural awareness. This as Premium Personalized Transportation services, Health-Wellness Experiences, Ecotourism, Volunteer Programs and Cultural Exchange, Rural Community Experiences, Experiential Reforestation Projects, Adventure Experiences and other related tourist services.

We're happy to help if you have any vacation planning questions, or want some friendly travel advice, we're here to help. Once you arrive in Costa Rica, we will be 24/7 ready to support you in any possible way.

Main Goal



Our Commitment to all our clients is to detect and cover their desires and needs, to provide them with the best services, with the highest standards based on morality, ethics, and environmental responsibility.

Provide a Distinguished and Personalized Service of Excellence so that your Experience is Memorable in Harmony with the Environment.

Being Leaders in Distinguished Service Excellence
and Personalized Sustainable at the National Level and Internationally recognized.

Values that characterize us

Respect: We are the Professional Tour Operator most committed to the highest standard of Service and I deal with our Clients, Collaborators, Suppliers, Business Partners, Allies, Children, Adolescents, and the environment.

Performance: We hope to exceed the expectations of our clients when obtaining their service, highlighting our effort, dedication, commitment, and responsibility when executing our work in each of our activities.

Harmony with the Environment: We must motivate and teach how to take care of our planet, we believe in it, that is why with our programs and policies that promote sustainable practices our activities minimize any impact negative to the environment.