Traces of Monteverde

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USD$139.00 each person

This Beautiful Cultural Experience is an introduction to what Monteverde is. Dare a guided walk of 1.3 km, visiting iconic sites of the community and sharing with visitors essential elements of the culture and social, economic, and environmental history of Monteverde. It lasts 2 hours and includes Monteverde cheese and coffee tastings. Proceeds support the social and environmental impact programs of the Monteverde Community Fund.

In general, several topics are explored:

  • Evolution of the economy of Monteverde from agriculture to tourism.
  • History of nature conservation: from forest preservation to more sustainable development.
  • The role of women in the family and tourism economy of Monteverde.
  • Monteverde's contribution to education on conservation and sustainability and the main challenges of the community for the future.

Experience Includes:

  • Premium transport with air conditioning
  • Wifi
  • Water
  • Certified professional bilingual guide
  • Entry
  • Refreshment
  • Civil liability policy
  • sustainable royalty

Duration of the experience 2 hours. 2:00 p.m. Every day.

Minimum 2 persons.

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